It’s vital that your construction site stays secure at all times

Prevent theft and injury by utilising our construction security advice and solutions. Lost productivity, missed project deadlines, slipped completion dates and the consequential penalty fees, plus high re-insurance premiums all impact the bottom line and put a strain on the budgets. So how do you actively protect your site from being robbed or vandalised, stripped out of electric cables, copper piping and lead, tools and materials?A construction area is a very sensitive and dangerous area. Sensitive in the sense that if ill-mannered individuals were to temper with the construction site, harm could be caused to the site, to the workers and even to the delinquent individual as well. With all of the heavy duty equipment and machinery, there is no surprise why a construction site is seen as a dangerous
setting. Any damage caused to the machinery or site can be very costly. We know what is at stake and our security guards will work diligently to prevententry by unauthorised personnel, damage to machinery and theft of worker material.