Guard Dogs are loud and highly deterrent

A K9 Patrol is a high deterrent solution against crime. Our Dog Unit Vehicles are Police-like and can be seen from a distance. This makes criminals run the opposite way from the sites we protect. We train our dogs and officers to the highest standards of NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users). Our officers have weekly sessions of training with their dogs. We also cover customer relationship and legislation to be able to give our customers the highest level of protection  they deserve. We can research, analyse and report on an installation’s current security position, then design and implement any required improvements.
Equally, if brought in at a building’s planning stage, we can draw up a complete and integrated security system.
Cases of arson, murder, ritual killings, kidnappings, drug smuggling and even fraud would to this day be unsolved had it not been for the assistance of the canine and his nose. The world over, law enforcement agencies are relying on their dogs to find that elusive spot of blood or trace of petrol in order to seal a conviction.